• Flare Stacks – 40’ to 60’
  • 185 psi to 1440 psi  Units
  • 3" 10 K Iron Skids
  • Equipment for all Testing and Flow Back Needs
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1st Rate Energy Services is based out of Sylvan Lake, Alberta with operations throughout North America. 1st Rate Energy Services specializes in; Production testing / Frac flowbacks, Frac and stimulation Recover / Cleanups, Propane frac recovery, In-line testing, Bleed offs, Under balanced drilling, Injection/Storage cavern maintenance, Well optimization, Critical sour testing, and Ball recovery.

1st Rate Energy Services has all the equipment and personnel to ensure our clients are satisfied.  Form 10k iron to high pressure testing units, we can provide the right equipment package for any need. 

We have dedicated staff in Canada and US to maintain and monitor equipment life cycle. 

We have a proprietary internal system set up to track and monitor all equipment including but not limited to:

  • Unit Testing
  • Maintenance Records
  • Calibrations
  • Pressure Testing
  • General Documentation (Title, Insurance, etc..)

Testing Vessels

  • From 175 Psi to 1440 psi
  • 2 and 3 phase separators
  • Daniels meters with Barton Chart and Digital Readings
  • Up to 126 bbl
  • Integral flow line and frac manifolds
  • Trailer and Skid mounted

Storage Vessels

  • Up to 60 m3 and 377 bbl Capacity
  • Digital and manual level gauges
  • 3"-4" Meter run with dri flow meter


Line Heater

Line Heaters

  • Up to 3 million btu line heaters
  • 2"-3" lines
  • Up to 5000 psi
  • Up to 11 m3 /69 bbl bath

Flare Stacks & Incinerators

  • 60 ft 6" portable tandem flare stacks
    • With silent sams and igniters
  • 40 ft 6" portable tandem flare stacks
    • With igniters
  • 90 ft
    • 6 tube/3 piece
  • 120 ft Flare stack
    • 6 tube/3 piece
  • 85 e3m3 / 3.0 mmcf capacity inverted cone incinerators
  • Heli portable package available


10 k Iron Skids

10 K Iron Skids

  • 3" - 10 K iron skids
  • 10k double drop integral manifolds
Junk Catcher

5 & 10 K Junk Catchers

  • Designed to filter all debris over 1/2"
  • Removable filter allow operator to clean out while by passing the unit 

5 K and 10 K Sand Separators

  • Piping, fittings and valves are sour low temp
  • 24" Diameter separators

Bleed Off Tanks

  • 125 psi
  • 1.5 m3 /9.4 bbl
  • 10 ft riser
  • 2000 psi
Office Trailers

Office Trailers

  • 24 ft portable office trailers complete with
    • Generators
    • Computers with high speed internet air cards
    • Phone and internet boosters
    • Feckete field notes
    • SCBA Stott packs
    • Electronic deadweights

Zedi Portable Real-Time Data Capture Systems

Add flexibility to day-to-day operations with tests that won’t overwrite, freeing field staff to schedule their day for peak efficiency without having to return to the test site at a precise time

Meet and exceed regulatory compliance on all your wells with highly accurate data and robust reporting features

Efficiently measure a wide range of flows across multiple wells without changing orifice plates, thanks to the eTube’s range ability

Improve data accuracy and reduce rework with the Smart-Alek’s unique backdating functionality for gas composition

Easily transport our portable option to multiple wells without using heavy equipment, taking advantage of its compact size

Production Testing / Frac Flowback